Cookie of the Week: Mojito Lime

Later this week, Americans will be celebrating Mexico’s independence: Cinco de Mayo! Here at Cookie Panache, we have the perfect treat to help you celebrate: Mojito Lime cookies. The sweet and tangy lime cookie is a chewy, delicate and delicious dessert for your party this weekend, so make them a part of your celebration!


Show Office Professionals Your Thanks!

April 27 is Administrative Professionals Day! Thank those in your office who help make everything you do possible!

And this year, the theme is to thank all office professionals all week! Administrative Professionals Week will be celebrated from April 24-30.

So hop on over to Cookie Panache and thank your Administrative Professionals with delicious office-themed cookies; they deserve it!

Save on Easter Cookies!

Easter is less than a week away, and is there a better way to celebrate than our delightful cookies? Nope, I don’t think there is.

We’re offering three packages for your Easter enjoyment:

Chocolate Covered Sugar Cookies

The Cottontail

Sunday Best

As for the Chocolate-Covered Sugar Cookies, the name says it all; 12 of our sugar cookies are decorated in the best-quality melted chocolate to create the stunning designs we’re known for, with a creamy, chocolatey bite! And now you can save 15% off of these one-of-a-kind cookies with the coupon code 15CHOCOLATE!

The Cottontail features eight of our soft and creamy Red Velvet cookies with eight hand-iced sugar cookies.

And finally, our Sunday Best cookies can be yours for $5 off with the coupon code EASTER5! This package contains citrus-infused gourmet cookies, such as our Mini Madeleines and new zesty Lime Tea cookies, along with two of our famous hand-decorated sugar cookies!

Cookie of the Week: Raspberry Brownies

I hope you’ll forgive me, but my latest featured cookie isn’t even really a cookie; it’s a brownie! But not just any old brownie (even though our regular old brownie is something special), these brownies have beautiful swirl of raspberry goodness in each bite. Raspberry brownies are the perfect choice for someone who can’t decide between a chocolate treat or something fruity, because it’s both!

Try one today. Or eat all 24!

Getting Ready for Easter

Things have been busy at Cookie Panache headquarters! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring after a wet and snowy NYC winter. And with Spring right around the corner, that means Easter isn’t too far away, either.

Our newest cookie collection, which consists of these Easter eggs, bunnies and baskets, are decorated in Springy pastels and featured here amongst the green grass and blooming flowers that are heading our way.

By the way, our cookies are as delicious as they are beautiful.


Not ready for Easter just yet? Take a look at our St. Patty’s Day cookies!

Celebrate the 17th with Our St. Patty’s Collection!

Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with cookies; check out our latest Irish-themed sugar cookie designs and our Ireland-inspired baked goods!

Because on March 17, everyone’s Irish.

Cookie Panache on!

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away! Luckily, is helping you out by offering a special Cookie Panache package for a steeply discounted price! The Cookie Panassion is just $30, including shipping. So get a head start on your Valentine’s Day shopping and head on over to Ideeli to get yours today! Not a member? Not a problem; here’s an invitation.

And here’s what Ideeli has to say about us:

Cookie of the Week: Hot Velvet

Can you believe it’s almost February? The Christmas rush seems like it was just yesterday, but really it’s time to focus on Valentine’s Day! Well, we’ve been working hard at Cookie Panache to make this Valentine’s Day very special; we created two limited-time-only cookies for the occasion!

The Cookie Panassion


This cookie of the week, I’d like to introduce the first of our special edition cookies: The Hot Velvet Cookie is a sandwich of two soft red velvet cookies with a creamy vanilla marshmallow filling.

It is available online in our Cookie Panassion package. Want just these? Call us at (212) 757-4145 and we can arrange that, too!


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Valentine’s Day Cookies are Here!

All of the time and hard work we put in for our Valentine’s Day Collection really paid off! Thanks for being so patient with us while we got ready for this holiday; now start shopping!

There’s something for everyone this time aorund; our new packages come in a range of prices and selections, including the introduction of two new Valentine’s Day cookies: our Hot Velvet Cookie is two red velvety cookies with a vanilla-marshmallow filling and our Cherry Chocolate Chews are rich chocolate cookies with sweet dried cherries and creamy white chocolate chips. Try them in our Cookie Panassion package.

We have a package for brownie lovers and blondie lovers, and for those who can’t decide, we offer a combination of the two.

We even have a chocolate lover’s package, because what’s more romantic than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate cookies, of course.

More of a breakfast kind of person? Don’t worry, we have a special assortment for you, too!

We give a sophisticated twist to the classic holiday Sweetheart candies with our adorable Sweetheart Cookies!


All of our Valentine’s Day collections include sugar cookies, hand-painted with love just for you!

Take a look at these cookies and more on our Valentine’s Day page.

Cookie of the Week: Mini Madeleine

This week’s cookie is the Mini Madeleine. With its spongy texture, this cookie is more like a little cake, but then again, aren’t all cookies basically small cakes? It’s impossible to stop at just one of these mini treats, which is why we will send them to you in packs of 15, 20 or even 80!

With its charming shell shape and toasted golden color, this cookie are sure to be a hit, so don’t hesitate to order 80 of them. Your friends and family will appreciate these light and airy treats!


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