Happy Cinco de Mayo

We like to celebrate any and all holidays at Cookie Panache, mainly because it gives us an opportunity to get creative with our cookies.  Saturday marks the Fifth of May, more commonly referred to as Cinco de Mayo.  First thoughts that come to mind when thinking about Cinco de Mayo are piñatas, sombreros, margaritas, and yummy food; at least that’s how we do it in America.  Interestingly, this holiday is now more widely celebrated in the U.S. than it is in Mexico. 

Some common misconceptions are that it is in celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day.  This is false, as Mexico’s “Fourth of July” isn’t until September.  Tomorrow actually marks a victory for Mexico in a battle against France, in which they were the underdogs.  They had slim to no shot of winning the Battle of Puebla, but beat their opponents and defended Mexico City.  About a year later the French actually did take Mexico City, but the point of the holiday is to celebrate their initial defeating of the odds. 

We celebrate here with our delicious Mojito Lime cookies.  We know they’re not completely Mexican, but they are a light, refreshing cookie with a hint of lime, perfect for a Mexican fiesta. 


Mojito Lime Cookies from Cookie Panache.

Please check out some party planning tips for throwing your own Cinco de Mayo party from Between the Bread. 


Everyone have a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo!



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