Hopes and Dreams to become a World Record Holder

World's Largest Cookie

I was at our Midtown Manhattan kitchen today where I saw our always delicious lunch fare and baked goods.  Something that we always have on display on the counter is a giant, chewy Peanut Butter Cookie that is bigger than your head.  It was then that I realized something I have always wanted to do in my life, and that was to break a Guinness World Record.  Now I know that our basketball sized cookie was nowhere close to breaking any records, but I thought that I would do some research to see if Cookie Panache could someday be a contender in this battle.

My findings were fascinating.  The World Record for “Biggest Chocolate Chip Cookie” was made in 2003 by the Immaculate Baking Co. in North Carolina.  This monstrosity came in at 102 feet wide and at over 40,000 pounds.  It took the bakers 8 months just to design the oven (and I’m guessing another 8 months to actually eat the thing), which used convective heat to bake the cookie for six hours.  Slices of the cookie were sold and all money was donated to charity.

Just a few of the ingredients used:

6,000 pounds of chocolate chips

5,000 pounds of sugar

6,525 pounds of unsalted butter

79 pounds of baking soda

30,000 eggs

Some of the other World Records I came across were less appealing; the world’s “Largest Bowl of Pasta” and the world’s “Largest Meatball”, coincidentally separate, but a match made in heaven, perhaps?

We couldn't resist including the photo from the "Largest Bowl of Pasta".




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