The History of the Whoopie Pie

We make Whoopie Pies here in our Midtown Manhattan kitchen, and while there is no debate over how delicious they are, I think part of the reason they are so fun to eat is because of their name!  It got me thinking, who was the brilliant mind behind this scrumptious treat, and why do we call them “whoopie” pies anyway?

While it is obvious that they are certainly not a “pie”, simply put, they are mini cake sandwiches with a cream filling.  According to legend, whoopie pies have been around for almost 100 years with the first ones being made in the 1920’s.  There is controversy over which state founded them, but most sources point to the Pennsylvania Amish as the originators.  These desserts were actually made from the leftover cake batter from bigger cakes, and would be put in lunches for the men while they were farming.  When the men and children would see them, they would yell “Whoopie!”

Interestingly, the Whoopie Pie is the official state treat of Maine, which leads me to another question, and probably another blog post…(Do we have a state treat here in New York, and how have I not known about this?!  Cheesecake, perhaps?)  Anyway, back to the topic at hand; whatever its history, we’re glad that the Whoopie Pie is around and is a part of our life here at Cookie Panache.  Overall conclusion, you can’t NOT have a good time while eating something with the word “whoopie” in it.

Whoopie Pies in the making at Cookie Panache.


4 thoughts on “The History of the Whoopie Pie

  1. Whoopie! Just to add a little fact to your story…the earliest “documented” whoopie pie was made by Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston Maine in 1925. They are still standing today! Pennsylvania’s earliest on record was made in the 1950’s. So, according to those facts, i say the whoopie pie belongs to Maine! Of course, this is spoken by a native Maine-iac who makes classic Maine whoopie pies in Arizona! They’re wicked good!! 😀

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