Valentine’s Day Cookies are Here!

All of the time and hard work we put in for our Valentine’s Day Collection really paid off! Thanks for being so patient with us while we got ready for this holiday; now start shopping!

There’s something for everyone this time aorund; our new packages come in a range of prices and selections, including the introduction of two new Valentine’s Day cookies: our Hot Velvet Cookie is two red velvety cookies with a vanilla-marshmallow filling and our Cherry Chocolate Chews are rich chocolate cookies with sweet dried cherries and creamy white chocolate chips. Try them in our Cookie Panassion package.

We have a package for brownie lovers and blondie lovers, and for those who can’t decide, we offer a combination of the two.

We even have a chocolate lover’s package, because what’s more romantic than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate cookies, of course.

More of a breakfast kind of person? Don’t worry, we have a special assortment for you, too!

We give a sophisticated twist to the classic holiday Sweetheart candies with our adorable Sweetheart Cookies!


All of our Valentine’s Day collections include sugar cookies, hand-painted with love just for you!

Take a look at these cookies and more on our Valentine’s Day page.


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